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USA Annual Medical Device and Diagnostic Clinical Training and Education Virtual Conference

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The healthcare industry in the US is transforming how it functions, and what we are seeing now is an industry that is far more competitive and driven by value. Correspondingly, Clinical Training & Education have seen perhaps the most dramatic changes within the US healthcare sector, with Clinical training practices that are developing with the intent of taking training to the next level, ensuring a more interactive and dynamic environment. With the evolution of the clinical training landscape, there is an opportunity for clinical trainers and educators to share their learnings on adapting training courses to fit specific unmet needs.

Our Industry Specialists

TT | USA Annual Clinical Training and Education Virtual Conference


Jessy Montesino

Sr. Program Manager



Kymberly Cooper

Director of Clinical Education and Training



Dr Gislei Lorenzetti Romero

Global Technical Services & Training Programs Manager


Saumya Penumbra

Saumya Premachandra

Director of Medical Education


Amy Duran

Amy Duran, RN, MSN, PHN

Senior Director of Learning and Leadership Development


Paul Kesig

Paul Kesig

Senior Manager,
Education - Sports


Targeted Content

With our targeted attendee and speaker line-up, you can have meaningful conversations with industry-specific experts who have faced the same situations and challenges. Spark new ideas by brainstorming during our breakout sessions, informal post-session Q&As, panel debates, case studies, and workshops.

Meet Industry Leaders

Our robust screening process ensures an exclusive environment where you can focus on connecting and fostering stronger working relationships with those in the medical device field. Collaborate to find the necessary solutions to your current problems.

Customize Your Content

Get the most out of this event experience by choosing what content is most relevant for you and your company and tailoring your event experience around this decision. Learn and connect with whomever you want, whenever you want, and however you want.

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